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A home at Westbrook offers an unrivalled property asset and an excellent investment in Gqeberha’s most iconic lifestyle estate.  Distinctive design, superior craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail results in homes that reflect the art of luxury modern life.

Investor contentment is strengthened by the fact that Westbrook is developed, owned, and operated by the Amdec Group who have an exemplary 35-year track record in the development of large-scale developments both locally and abroad.


I looked at a few townhouses and, yes they were nice, but it was the size of the house that we looked at that appealed to me. The bathrooms were beautiful compared to the others. The house that I looked at – I said “This is a house that I want.” Well, it ended up that we bought here and we are happy as I said two years that we’ve been here.

Johnny Havenga
Local Resident

From the very beginning, looking at the model of Westbrook, it’s definitely something that the Eastern Cape doesn’t have. Obviously looking at the big picture once the Westbrook development is complete, I mean it’s gonna be an awesome development. We’re going to have our own town center there’s an old-age home going up, there’s a frail care going up after that, and it’s very quiet, peaceful.

Craig Kruger
Local Resident

Well, coming from a small town in the Karoo, this is more or less where I can see myself staying in the city. My kid goes to Curro school – I walk him to school, me and my wife walk him together as a family, so this is actually something that’s being brought back. People can cycle or walk to school with their kids. This place is going to boom it’s going to grow and this is just the beginning.

Iaan Fourie
Local Resident